Major Deal Reportedly Incoming Between Canadian Rivals

Published July 22, 2023 at 1:05 PM
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Trade Incoming?

Last year, the Montreal Canadiens made a smart move by bringing in Sean Monahan. Even though he was not at the peak of his career, he was a valuable addition to the team, and they got a first-round pick along with him. It was a real home run by Kent Hughes, who paid only "future considerations" for the package.

At the time, the Flames GM was Brad Treliving.

Now, there have been rumors that a similar trade might happen involving the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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The main issue the Leafs need to address this off-season is their goaltending. There are rumors connecting them to Carter Hart, which suggests they might want to trade their veteran goalie, Matt Murray.

The Montreal Canadiens could play a role in this trade scenario. They still have a good amount of money left in their salary cap, so they might consider trading their cap space for promising young players. This strategy has led to rumors of a trade that could benefit both teams.


Could Treliving and Hughes Make a Sean-Monahan Style Trade?

Here's what the potential trade could look like:

Toronto gives:

Matt Murray
Their 1st-round pick in 2024

Montreal gives:

Future considerations

Considering the financial situations of both teams, the Philadelphia Flyers might also be involved in the trade to help facilitate Carter Hart's move to Toronto. This could make the trade puzzle quite complicated.

The previous deal with Sean Monahan worked out well for Montreal as they received a valuable first-round pick from the Flames. The Canadiens are not expected to be top contenders next season, so making trades to acquire future assets could be their best strategy.

Do you think Murray will end up in Montreal?

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Possible blockbuster trade involving the Canadiens, the Leafs and two goalies
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