Kyle Dubas Shares the Details On The Erik Karlsson Trade

Tom Banks
August 7, 2023  (3:29 PM)

The Pittsburgh Penguins made the biggest splash of the off-season over the weekend when they landed the reigning Norris Trophy winner, and now, GM Kyle Dubas has shared many details about the move.

A lengthy process

While the deal seemed to come together quickly on Sunday, Dubas revealed that it was a very lengthy process, but getting Karlsson addressed a major need for them as they look for another chance at the Stanley Cup.
It was a fairly lengthy process with San Jose... It gains us the flexibility we want. We need to improve our ability to move the puck out of our own zone and Erik does that.
Now, Dubas believes this is a team ready to compete for the Stanley Cup behind a veteran group that is mostly on the wrong side of 30, meaning they've opened their window even more, despite being in the stacked Metropolitan Division.
[The Karlsson trade is] an affirmation - we have the chance and opportunity to contend for a championship... I know there will be a lot of people to doubt the group... We have our belief and that's on me to lead the way.

More moves coming?

One thing that Dubas noted was that this is likely the end of the big, splashy moves for Pittsburgh, as the team acquired Reilly Smith and Ryan Graves early this off-season, but won't be afraid to use the waiver wire to make some more moves.
I don't expect anything more major. You can never make any promises. We're six weeks out from camp starting. I think this will be the group.

Overall, this was a great move and a very good summer for Dubas and the Penguins, and with a core led by still incredible Sidney Crosby, this now gives them a chance to chase their fourth Stanley Cup under No. 87.