Major Bomb regarding an Erik Karlsson Trade in San Jose

Published June 16, 2023 at 6:59 PM
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Erik Karlsson Trade Update

A major update on the situation regarding Erik Karlsson has been provided by a TSN Insider. According to Pierre LeBrun, it seems that both the San Jose Sharks and Karlsson himself have expressed a desire to consider trade options this summer.

Pierre LeBrun reveals,

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"According to my information, the Sharks have met with Karlsson's representatives and both sides are on the same page. The Sharks and Karlsson's camp agree to work together to make a trade."

A Stellar Career Year

Recently, Karlsson showcased a stellar performance, marking it as his best offensive year in the NHL. Despite being part of a team that struggled for wins and had limited scoring power, the Swedish defenceman managed to tally 25 goals and 101 points.

This record has made him an attractive target for several teams. However, a significant hurdle remains.

Salary and Contract Considerations

With an annual cap hit of $11.5 million, Karlsson is currently the highest paid defenceman in the NHL, and 5th highest overall. Moreover, his contract is valid for another four years.

Nevertheless, Pierre LeBrun mentions that the Sharks are prepared to retain a substantial part of Karlsson's salary in the event of a beneficial trade deal, a prospect likely to entice many General Managers.

Karlsson has been nominated for the prestigious Norris Trophy as the league's top defenceman for the 2022-23 season. Should he win and then be traded just days later, it would certainly make for an intriguing turn of events.

Check the tweet here:

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