Insider Provides a Major Revelation on Sheldon Keefe's Future with the Leafs

Published June 16, 2023 at 5:27 PM
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Resolving Uncertainty: Sheldon Keefe's Status with the Leafs

Recent speculations surrounding the future of Sheldon Keefe with the Toronto Maple Leafs have been put to rest, offering some clarity about his position with the team.

Keefe Continues with the Leafs: The Confirmation

Upon the appointment of Brad Treliving as the new manager for the Leafs, questions were raised about whether Keefe would continue as the coach. Today, the answer to this lingering question appears to be affirmative.

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Brad Treliving and Sheldon Keefe have recently embarked on the task of interviewing potential candidates to replace outgoing assistant coach, Spencer Carbery, indicating that Keefe has been retained as the coach, at least for the beginning of the forthcoming year.


As quoted by Darren Dreger,

"Brad Treliving and Sheldon Keefe are well into interviewing candidates to replace for Leafs assistant coach Spencer Carbery. Treliving and Keefe spent time getting to know each another as soon as Treliving was hired as GM. Keefe has not been extended yet however those discussions are expected to happen this summer."

Keefe's Future: What's Next?

Given the current developments, any decision to fire Keefe before the onset of the 2023-24 season would come as a surprise. For now, it is anticipated that the Leafs will commence the season under Keefe's guidance.

The fate of Keefe's position with the Leafs after next year, however, is reliant on the season's progression. It will be a wait-and-watch situation to see whether the Leafs decide to extend Keefe's tenure or choose to end it early.

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