Brian Burke Criticizes James Reimer for Protesting Pride Jerseys

Published March 19, 2023 at 1:24 PM
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Recently, James Reimer has attracted attention for his refusal to wear a pride jersey during the San Jose Sharks warmup on Pride Night. This decision has led to significant backlash.

Reimer also mentioned former Leafs teammate Nazem Kadri and his Muslim faith, stating:

"In Toronto, Nazem Kadri as a teammate, loved him to death. I don't know exactly the extent of his faith, his Muslim faith. But he's a Muslim. I think you could talk to him and ask him if I treated him any different. I love him. I competed with him on the ice, we joked around, we did life together. And yet, people would understand if I wouldn't be able to wear a Muslim jersey in warmups, promoting the Muslim faith, being a Christian and a follower in Christ. He himself would fully understand that."

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Reimer has also recently doubled down on his refusal to wear a pride jersey in a recent statement, acknowledging that this decision has lost him a lot of support from fans.



The President of Hockey Operations for the Pittsburgh Penguins recently expressed disappointment that certain players were refusing to wear pride jerseys.

Brian Burke Commented The Situation And Shamed Reimer

"I repeat that I am extremely disappointed. I wish players would understand that pride sweaters are about inclusion and welcoming everybody. A player wearing pride colors or tape isn't endorsing a set of values or enlisting in a cause! He is saying you are welcome here. And you are, in every single NHL building"

The issue surrounding pride jerseys has generated significant controversy for all the wrong reasons, as hockey should be for everyone.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Brian Burke Shames James Reimer for Boycotting Pride Jerseys
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