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Matt Murray Makes Headlines for Cheating

Published March 19, 2023 at 10:19

When a goalie accidentally knocks the net off its posts once, it can be forgiven. If it occurs twice, it might still be seen as a coincidence.

However, Matt Murray seems to have developed a pattern this season, as he has been involved in this situation multiple times, repeatedly halting the game by displacing the net.

Murray's Controversial Tactics Continue

If dislodging the net were such an effortless task, it's likely that more goalies would engage in this tactic. This recurring issue with Murray raises some eyebrows.

On a positive note, it appears that Murray may not have the opportunity to employ such tactics in the playoffs, as Ilya Samsonov seems poised to secure the starting goaltender position.

As reported by Hockey Patrol - Matt Murray Caught Cheating Once Again
March 19   |   145 answers
Matt Murray Makes Headlines for Cheating

Should Murray have consequences for his cheating?

Yes, a fine3725.5 %
Yes, a suspension6242.8 %
No4631.7 %
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