Major Lack Of Respect: University of Alberta Declines Handshake Following Game

Published March 19, 2023 at 1:19 PM
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During the Usports playoffs, tensions recently escalated in a semifinal game between the University of Alberta and the University of Prince Edward Island (PEI), resulting in one team refusing to participate in the traditional handshake line.

University Team's Refusal to Shake Hands Highlights Tense Playoff Atmosphere

The incident that sparked this refusal occurred when the University of Alberta's goalie was punched in the face while the team held a 4-0 lead.

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In response, Alberta declined to shake hands with PEI, prompting the UPEI crowd to boo the team off the ice and throw trash onto the rink.

While the handshake line is a symbol of respect and sportsmanship, it is clear that Alberta felt disrespected by PEI's actions. Attacking a goalie while down by four goals demonstrates a lack of sportsmanship. However, one can also understand PEI's perspective, as tensions can run high during playoff games, particularly in the semifinals.

Ultimately, Alberta had the final word by winning the game 4-1 and advancing to the championship match.

As reported on Hockey Patrol - Intense Lack of Respect Shown as University Team Refuses to Participate in Handshake Line
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