Kyle Dubas Reportedly Looking To Bring Former Penguin Back To Pittsburgh

Published August 18, 2023 at 7:18 PM

In an effort to reinforce Pittsburgh's lineup, Kyle Dubas is actively pursuing the acquisition of a significant bottom-six player.

Dubas Sets Sights on Zach Aston-Reese

Zach Aston-Reese stands as a prominent figure among the NHL's bottom-six forwards. While his offensive contributions may not be substantial, his exceptional defensive prowess solidifies his standing as a valuable asset, making him an appealing player for any team.

Recent reports within the hockey community suggest that Kyle Dubas, in conjunction with the Penguins, is exploring the possibility of reacquiring Aston-Reese.

Insights from Eklund at present the following:


Hearing Montreal, The Islanders, and the Panthers all with interest... Possible return to Pitt?

Aston-Reese's Deep Connection with Dubas

Aston-Reese has previously worked with Kyle Dubas. He signed with the Maple Leafs in 2022-23 as a defensive specialist and 4th line forward. He played in 77 games for the Leafs.


On top of this, Aston-Reese has spent the majority of his career with Pittsburgh. Through his 307-game career, Aston-Reese has played 213 of those games for the Penguins.

With 290 of Aston-Reese's 307 games (94.46%) of his games coming with either the Penguins or Dubas, it seems like the perfect fit for the Penguins and Aston-Reese.

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Kyle Dubas Reportedly Looking To Bring Former Penguin Back To Pittsburgh

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