Former Teammate of Jaromir Jagr Reveals Toxic Behavior From the Star

Published October 24, 2023 at 10:25

Insights into Jagr's Unexpected Behavior by Former Teammate


The hockey world recognizes Jaromir Jagr as an NHL icon. Hs astounding 1921 points in 1733 games cemented his legendary status.

However, a new revelation might paint a different shade on his bright career.

Tuomas Gronman, once a teammate during his 22-game stint with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1997-98 and now a sports psychologist, opened up about Jagr's surprising attitude towards his former coach Kevin Constantine. According to Gronman, Jagr's actions around Constantine were notably immature.

Gronman didn't shy away from giving detailed examples.

Peek into Jagr's Childish Antics


He recalled how Constantine, then in his early 40s, requested Jagr to use a helmet for games in line with the NHL's move towards mandatory helmet. While Jagr complied, he also amusingly started wearing it during team meetings.

Another anecdote shared by Gronman was about Jagr's deliberate attempts to be late for team meetings by waiting in his car, after he was asked to arrive on time. Gronman feels that Jagr could pull off such stunts mainly because of his esteemed position on the team and given that Constantine was a relatively fresh face in coaching.

"Which is easier to oust from the team: a coach earning $300,000 or a star player with a $100 million contract? I was in the coach's corner, though. Jagr's antics struck me as childish."

It's a reminder that even the greatest have their issues. While Jagr's on-ice prowess is undoubted, these glimpses into his off-ice behavior, however trivial they may seem, might raise eyebrows about his overall image.

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Former Teammate of Jaromir Jagr Reveals Toxic Behavior From the Star

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