Blackhawk Fans Worry As Bedard Seemingly Demoted from the First Line

Published October 23, 2023 at 6:58 PM

After ruling Taylor Hall out, the Blackhawks have shuffled their lines, and it doesn't appear good for Bedard. Fans are worried that he has already been demoted.

Bedard Removed as the First Line Centre Due to Hall Injury

The Blackhawks' lines today looked a little different than normal, with Taylor Hall out week to week with a shoulder injury. While the Blackhawks have formally listed Bedard as the first-line center, to many people's surprise, it appears his line is more like the second in terms of skill.

Blackhawks lines
T. Johnson-Bedard-Foligno
Katchouk-Donato-R. Johnson
Blackwell, Entwistle

Raddysh, Reichel, and Johnson, with Bedard down the middle, are all the best potential options for a first line for Chicago. Placing Bedard with Foligno, while he has been playing decent to start the season, appears to be a move to protect Bedard rather than allow him to play with the best the Hawks have to offer.

Fans Are Not Happy With the Way the Lines Are Shaking Out

Fans quickly took to to voice their displeasure with the Blackhawks hesitancy to put Bedard out there with the best.

yo ima say this one last time, stop giving bedard sh*t line mates, give him reichel and let them cook

Bedard and the babysitters

why won't they just put reichel next to bedard alreadythis is so frustrating

With Bedard's skill, it is more than likely that he would make any of his wingers look like first-line wingers with his ability to make plays.

As seen on Markerzone - "BREAKING: Connor Bedard Demoted in Chicago"
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Blackhawk Fans Worry As Bedard Seemingly Demoted from the First Line

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