Fans Asked To Evacuate Arena After Devastating Injury On The Ice

Published October 28, 2023 at 4:56 PM

Hockey is one of the most brutal sports on earth, and with razor sharp skates on the players feet, injuries are bound to happen, but this is one that no one ever wanted to see.

A tough situation in the UK

The Nottingham Panthers in England were playing what they thought would be a normal game, but unfortunately, former Pittsburgh Penguin Adam Johnson would then take a skate to the neck.

This lead to the fans being asked to exit the arena with the game called off, and it's a devastating situation that no one could ever expect to happen.

The players reportedly formed a circle around him to prevent fans from seeing, as this would have been a brutal injury to witness.

"Eye witnesses say players from both sides formed a ring around their stricken colleague, while screens were also erected." -


There's been no update on his condition as of yet, but we will bring further details as they emerge, and we pray that Johnson can pull through and make a full recovery.

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