Dubas Officially Announces The Penguins' New GM

Published June 7, 2023 at 11:26
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Just over a week after joining the Pittsburgh Penguins, Kyle Dubas has already started making changes in the organization. One important development is that he has talked about the General Manager's role in the team.

Interim GM

Dubas himself has announced that he will be the interim GM of the Penguins until July. After that, he will evaluate the situation and decide if the team needs a new GM.


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Who'll Take Over?

Assuming Dubas decides to pass the torch in July, all indications suggest that Cam Lawrence could be in the running.

As Frank Seravalli shared on Twitter:

"If Kyle Dubas is to hire a GM, one name to keep in mind: Cam Lawrence.

Lawrence is currently hockey analytic consultant for #CBJ. Previously worked for #FlaPanthers. Lives in Pittsburgh, current CFO at

As reported on Hockey Patrol - Kyle Dubas Announces Who'll Take Over as Penguins GM
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