Don Cherry Criticizes Kyle Dubas in Fiery Podcast Rant

Wade Messier
June 7, 2023  (9:59)

Don Cherry has never held back from expressing his opinions, and he has plenty of them. His strongly worded thoughts are what made him a star on Coaches Corner for decades, and he's now taken those thoughts over to his podcast.

Cherry Takes Aim at Dubas

In Cherry's most recent podcast episode, he went after Kyle Dubas, or rather the teams who continue to hire him. Cherry doesn't seem to see the benefit in having Dubas in a front office, and he made sure his listeners knew that.
"He wanted to kind of take Shanahan out of the decision-making process... he wanted to have more autonomy to make the decisions. So he goes to Pittsburgh and he's not GM, he's the head of hockey operations."

"He just keeps going up, like he's failing and yet he climbs up to the top... I just don't get it, how does a guy like that keep getting higher and higher into the chain of command?"

"He took over the Sault St. Marie in 2011-12 and that's kinda tough because they didn't have a good team but he was out of the playoffs, then the next year he was out of the first round, and then the next year he was out in the second round, and then he made assistant GM with the Leafs... GM of the Leafs out in the first round, out in the first round, out in the first round, out in the first round, out in the second, and now he's the head of hockey operations, what did he do to get to that point..."

Cherry Might Have a Point

While there's no denying that Kyle Dubas is a bright young hockey mind, his success on paper is little to none. Throughout his entire tenure with Toronto, the team only made it past the first round once, and that was this season.
Dubas has put together some amazing teams on paper but failed year after year to win anything meaningful. Cherry might have a point in suggesting that Dubas isn't as qualified as teams think.
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