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Ex Leaf Player Shares His Thoughts On The Perfect Deal For Ryan O'Reilly

Published June 6, 2023 at 7:42 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs made one of the biggest surprise trades before the NHL trade deadline, when they acquired Ryan O'Reilly from the St Louis Blues.

O'Reilly made an instant impact and was a fan favorite during his tenure with the Leafs. Unfortunately for O'Reilly and the Leafs they didn't have a deep playoff run they were hoping for when they acquired O'Reilly after being eliminated by the Florida Panthers in the second round.

Leafs Nation Loves O'Reilly

However, O'Reilly was arguably the Leafs best player with 9 points in 11 playoff games. Now with O'Reilly being an unrestricted free agent this summer, O'Reilly was discussed on the "Leafs Morning Take" podcast.

Host Nick Alberga and co-host Jay Rosehill, a former Leaf player, deliberated on the offer that the new Leafs General Manager, Brad Treliving, should extend to O'Reilly.

Will The Leafs Be Able To Keep O'Reilly?

"I would like to see a full year of [O'Reilly] in a Maple Leafs uniform. I don't want to maybe commit 3, 4 years to him at high money. You can get yourself in a jam, but just say 'hey, do you want to play here for a year or two? Here's a reasonable amount of money', and just see what he can do with it. Maybe have some bonuses attached to it if you can.. it would be nice to see him in a Leafs uniform and see how he can lead that team and be a part of it moving forward, because I do like the cut of his jib and his leadership qualities." - Rosehill on wanting O'Reilly back with the Leafs next season.

There's no doubt that Treliving will want to try to keep the 32 year-old center who's also made it clear that he's willing to remain in Toronto if they can make a deal the ball is now in Treliving's hands.



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Ex Leaf Player Shares His Thoughts On The Perfect Deal For Ryan O'Reilly

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