Bettman Taunts the Bruins After Record-Breaking Season

Published June 7, 2023 at 10:49
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The Boston Bruins delivered a season to remember in the NHL, making history with a record-setting win streak and taking home the coveted Presidents' Trophy.

The "Curse"

On paper, clinching the Presidents' Trophy indicates an unparalleled triumph for the team who has the most points during the regular season. Yet, it's also become a somewhat of an ironic curse in recent years, casting light on the fact that regular season success doesn't always translate into a deep playoff run.

Take last season, for example, the Florida Panthers had this exact experience. Even after securing the Trophy, they were promptly shown the door in the playoffs. History repeated itself with the Boston Bruins this year, despite their phenomenal performance throughout the season, they met a similar fate.

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Bettman's Comments

In a surprising revelation, Gary Bettman shared his views on the Bruins' early playoff exit. His remarks weren't appreciated by Bruins' fans.

"I think we're learning that winning the Presidents' Trophy isn't such a good thing. Look at the Boston Bruins! With the exceptional year they had during the regular season, who would've thought they would've been knocked out the way they did?"

Bettman's words were brutally honest. The playoffs are a whole different game from the regular season, a realm where David can indeed upset Goliath.

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