Senators Player May Have Suffered Career-Ending Injury Yesterday

Published March 31, 2023 at 9:58
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The Ottawa Senators are fighting for a wildcard spot as the season comes to a close, with a significant overtime win against the Flyers potentially boosting their chances. However, the victory was overshadowed by an incident during the game.

Derrick Brassard's Distressing Fall on the Ice


Derrick Brassard, a forward for the Senators, is known for his fierce playing style. Unfortunately, this intensity led to trouble as he approached the Flyers net late in the second period. Brassard's leg became entangled and twisted at an alarming angle, causing him to fall and exacerbate the injury. Such incidents can result in severe long-term consequences for players.

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Details about Brassard's injury remain limited, but it is likely that he will be sidelined for a considerable duration. Senators' head coach DJ Smith announced that an update on Brassard's condition will be given tomorrow.

Injuries like Brassard's are difficult to witness, and we hope for his swift recovery.

As Seen On Puck Reporter - REPORT: Ottawa Senators forward sustains SEVERE injury - Career may be at RISK
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