Biznasty Reveals a Wild Story From Sidney Crosby and Jack Johnson's High School Days

Published March 30, 2023 at 5:32 PM
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Young hockey players often have experience in other sports before focusing solely on hockey. Sidney Crosby and Jack Johnson were two such players who grew up playing baseball as well. They had a unique experience in high school, where they played on the baseball team.

Crosby and Johnson Got Kicked Off their Baseball Team

During a recent interview with Bissonnette and Jack Johnson, Bissonnette asked for permission to share the story of their high school baseball experience. He recalled an incident where Johnson was hit by a pitch and charged the mound to attack the pitcher. Crosby joined in the brawl, fighting the catcher, while Johnson took on both the pitcher and first baseman.

The next day, both players were asked to turn in their uniforms. Despite this, both players went on to achieve great success in hockey, with each winning Stanley Cup championships.

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Check out the interview here:

This story raises an interesting question: what if Crosby and Johnson had continued playing baseball instead of hockey? Would they have had a chance at making it to the Major League Baseball? We may never know, but it's clear that their talent and competitive spirit could have led them to excel in any sport they pursued.

As seen on Hockeypatrol - Paul Bissonnette Recalls a Humorous Sidney Crosby and Jack Johnson Story
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