John Tortorella Healthy Scratches Himself From Tonight's Game

Published March 30, 2023 at 7:31 PM
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John Tortorella has a history of attracting media attention and is often criticized for his unconventional decision-making. However, his latest roster move is truly unprecedented.

Tortorella Sidelining Himself?

In a surprising twist, Tortorella will not be serving as the bench boss for the Philadelphia Flyers tonight. Instead, he will be watching the game from the press box alongside Interim GM Daniel Briere. Assistant coach Brad Shaw will assume the role of head coach for the evening.

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While Tortorella's choice to observe his team from a different perspective is understandable, it's not something we often see. Hopefully, this unique vantage point will help Tortorella discover the insights he's seeking about his team's performance.

As Seen On Hockey Patrol - John Tortorella Shocks Fans With Odd Decision By Healthy Scratching Himself
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