Major Update Regarding Marc-André Fleury's Future in the League

Published April 29, 2023 at 10:17
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Marc-Andre Fleury's 20-Year NHL Journey

Two decades have passed since Marc-Andre Fleury was selected as the first overall draft pick. Throughout his illustrious career, Fleury has claimed three Stanley Cups and played for four different teams.

Speculations About Fleury's Retirement

As Fleury approaches the end of his time in the league, he signed a two-year, $7M extension with the Minnesota Wild. At 37 years old, he is well-aware that his retirement is nearing.

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The recent elimination of Fleury's team from the playoffs by the Dallas Stars prompted discussions about his remaining time in the NHL. It has been suggested that Fleury will likely play only one more season before hanging up his skates.

Fleury expressed his intention to play for one more year, after which "that might be it."

The prospect of an NHL without Marc-Andre Fleury is difficult to imagine, but it seems that this reality is closer than anticipated.

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