Fleury Breaks The Silence About Binnington After They Nearly Fought

Published March 16, 2023 at 1:08 PM
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Marc-Andre Fleury and Jordan Binnington represent two different extremes when it comes to their reputations as goalies in the NHL. While Fleury is widely respected as one of the best goalies in the world, Binnington has developed a reputation for being a hothead with a tendency to lash out.

Last week, Fleury expressed his desire to get into a fight before the end of his career, and he nearly got his chance during a recent game against Binnington and the St. Louis Blues. The Blues' goalie provoked Fleury, but the referees intervened before anything could happen.

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Fleury Breaks The Silence About Jordan Binnington

Now, Fleury has spoken up about the incident, and he didn't hold back when it came to his thoughts on Binnington. Fleury revealed that he has seen Binnington engage in several questionable behaviors on the ice, implying that the Blues' goalie has a long-standing reputation for acting out.

That one was pretty quick. One of the guys said (Binnington) hit them in the nuts, in the nutsack. Can I say nutsack? Then when I saw him throw another one at our guy, that was the time.

I'm not surprised. I've seen Jordan do a few things in his career, that's why I went. I made my decision pretty quick.

Binnington's behavior hasn't gone unnoticed by the league, either. The NHL's Department of Player Safety has announced that Binnington will be facing a meeting, which could result in a suspension for his actions. Perhaps a punishment will be the wake-up call Binnington needs to reign in his temper and focus on his game.

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