Major Junior League On Verge Of Making A Very Controversial Decision

Julien Trekker
March 15, 2023  (9:03 PM)

For years, there have been talks about the harmful effects of fighting in hockey, causing injuries and bringing a negative image to the sport. While it may add to the excitement of the game, it often results in negative consequences for the players. As a result, there is a possibility that a ban on fighting could be put into place sooner than anticipated.

The QMJHL Wants To Ban Fights

A spokesperson of the QMJHL made the following statement about this matter:
"The QMJHL is planning to have a rule in place that will ban fighting, making it black and white that it is no longer a part of our game. The punishments have not been decided as of yet. We will be looking to have a rule in place in June when the next general annual assembly of the members of the board of governors takes place."

In an effort to address the controversial issue of fighting in hockey, the QMJHL is set to ratify a new rule in June that would ban fighting altogether. This decision comes after the league's previous attempt to deter fighting by imposing a 10-minute misconduct penalty for every fighting major proved to be ineffective.
The league is also exploring other punishment options for fighting, such as match penalties for both players involved, with the possibility of an exception clause for players who are considered to be defending themselves from an aggressive instigator.
While some believe that fighting adds excitement and physicality to the game, others argue that it leads to serious injuries. Given the QMJHL's status as one of Canada's major junior leagues and its track record for producing NHL players, the impact of a complete ban or stricter penalties for fighting could be far-reaching and set a precedent for other leagues to follow.
As pressure continues to mount from both within and outside the sport to reduce fighting in hockey, it remains to be seen how this issue will play out in the coming months. The QMJHL's decision to take a firm stance against fighting in the sport is likely to be closely watched by fans, players, and officials alike.