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Gary Bettman's Plan To Save The Coyotes Officialy Started

Published March 15, 2023 at 7:40 PM

On May 16th, the citizens of Tempe, Arizona will determine the future of the Arizona Coyotes franchise, which has been a contentious team in the NHL. If the proposed entertainment district is not approved in the vote, the Coyotes will be left without a home in Arizona. Although NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has been a staunch defender of the franchise and has dismissed rumors of the Coyotes leaving Arizona, the question remains as to how much he is willing to do to ensure the team's survival.

Could Connor Bedard Be The Savior Of The Arizona Coyotes?

Today, the NHL made an official announcement that the NHL draft lottery will be held on May 8th, just eight days before the Tempe vote. Some are speculating that this move could be strategic on the NHL's part to influence voters to approve the proposed arena.

Considered by many scouts to be a generational prospect, Connor Bedard is highly sought-after, and the team that drafts him will be one step closer to contention. Arizona is currently ranked 7th in the draft lottery and has a chance to select Bedard, making the race to the bottom tighter than ever.

Some believe that the NHL scheduled the draft lottery before the Tempe election in the hopes that Arizona wins the lottery and drafts Bedard first overall. The prospect of acquiring a franchise-altering player like Bedard could sway voters in favor of a new arena for the Coyotes and ultimately change the outcome of the vote.

In addition, there are some fans who believe that Bettman could manipulate the draft lottery to ensure that Arizona wins the opportunity to draft Bedard. The notion that the NHL draft lottery is fixed has been around since its inception, with notable examples including the Pittsburgh Penguins winning the right to draft Crosby and the Montreal Canadiens winning the lottery last year as the host team.

While Arizona is likely to secure a high-caliber player in the upcoming draft, with many talented prospects available in the first round, landing a game-changing talent like Bedard could potentially save the franchise from facing relocation.

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Gary Bettman's Plan To Save The Coyotes Officialy Started

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