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Referees Prevent Goalie Fight Between Fleury And Binnington

Published March 16, 2023 at 9:58

Jordan Binnington and Marc-Andre Fleury nearly got into a physical altercation during a highly intense game between St. Louis and Minnesota.

Referees Prevent Goalie Fight Between Fleury And Binnington

Right from the beginning, the game between the St. Louis Blues and the Minnesota Wild was extremely intense. At an earlier point in the game, Jordan Binnington was caught up in a physical altercation after Ryan Hartman tripped over him.

This occurred when the score was tied 1-1, and the intensity only escalated as the game progressed, eventually resulting in a 5-4 final score. An agitated Jordan Binnington provoked players from the opposing team and eventually confronted goalie Marc-Andre Fleury in a potential physical altercation.

Despite the referees' efforts to separate them, the two goalies were barely restrained, and there was a possibility of witnessing a highly uncommon goalie fight.

After being involved in the altercation, Binnington was given a match penalty and subsequently ejected from the game, which was undoubtedly a disappointing moment for the St. Louis team.

As Seen On Hockey Patrol - Jordan Binnington's Aggressive Behavior Provokes Marc-Andre Fleury's Attempt to Fight Him on the Ice
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Referees Prevent Goalie Fight Between Fleury And Binnington

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