This shady new hire for the Oilers may be cause for an investigation

Published August 3, 2023 at 10:34 PM

Hiring a new CEO of Hockey Operations usually wouldn't generate a ton of concern from hockey fans. On average, an announcement like this one would drift by pretty quickly in the hockey community. However, today when the Oilers hired Jeff Jackson there were some legitimate concerns brought up by respected journalists and fans who believed there may be some hypocrisy at play.

Who is Jeff Jackson?


The Wasserman Hockey Agency was founded in 2018 and before joining the Oilers, Jeff Jackson was their executive vice president. During his time with the agency he also represented players like Alex Debrincat, Aaron Ekblad, Quinton Byfield and more importantly Connor McDavid. Earlier today Connor announced that he will be staying with Wasserman but will now be represented by a different agent. Surprisingly this isn't the only concerning Connor connection. Jeff also represented Connor Brown, who signed on July 1st to a one year, bonus-heavy contract in Edmonton.

Is there cause for an investigation?


Respected journalist Andrew Berkshire is questioning why there has been no investigation from the NHLPA, especially considering their recent investigation into Kyle Dubas.

"Not saying there was anything untoward, but if Kyle Dubas got investigated for being repped by Wasserman, you'd think there might be an investigation into Connor Brown at league min when his agent was clearly in negotiations to join the Oilers already" - Andrew Berkshire

Back in May the NHLPA said they were going to investigate Kyle Dubas after they learned he is a client of the Wasserman agency. This normally wouldn't be cause for investigation but in this case it was because the Wasserman agency also represents Auston Matthews. There were concerns there may be a conflict of interest there. As of now the NHLPA has said nothing about the hiring of Jeff Jackson. It's hard to say whether or not there's something shady going on but there should probably at least be a review.

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This shady new hire for the Oilers may be cause for an investigation

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