McDavid Disappointed in Gary Bettman after Pride Night cancellation

Published June 27, 2023 at 12:43
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The MVP has spoken out on the NHLs recent decision to remove all specialty jerseys in lieu of the Pride Night scandals.

McDavid Disappointed in Bettman

Connor McDavid is well known for his on-ice play and how discrete he is off-ice. In an era where not many players speak out against the commissioner, McDavid has shown he is not afraid of the repercussions.

When asked about the cancellation of Pride Night and getting rid of all specialty jerseys, McDavid articulated his disapproval quite well.

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"I certainly can't speak for every organization. I know in Edmonton we were one of the first teams to use the Pride Tape. I know in Edmonton, in our dressing room, we strongly feel hockey is for everybody and that includes the Pride nights and stuff like that. So of course it's disappointing to see. With that being said, that's certainly way above my decision. It's not my call. But obviously, it's disappointing to see."

"Everyone has their beliefs. I can't speak on those. All I can speak for is myself and us in Edmonton, and I know we strongly support those types of nights."

Steven Stamkos also spoke out on the issue.

With some of the league's top players voicing their disapproval, it is clear that Bettman overreacted by banning all specialty jerseys due to a select few players not wearing pride jerseys.

As seen on MarkerZone - McDavid Critical Of A Few Of Gary Bettman's Recent Decisions
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