BREAKING: Chicago Blackhawks have Extended Recently Acquired Boston Forward

Published June 27, 2023 at 11:23
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Nick Foligno's Extension with the Blackhawks

Recently traded to the Chicago Blackhawks, Nick Foligno has just seen his stay in the city extended. The Blackhawks took immediate action to secure the rights of their newest acquisition, a move made yesterday.


Details of the Extension

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The announcement was made that Foligno, whose contract was set to end on July 1st, will be receiving an extension from the Blackhawks.

Foligno's New Role and Salary

In his extended role, Foligno is set to earn $4 million. Moreover, he's expected to play a mentorship role, providing guidance to the Blackhawks' upcoming rookies such as Connor Bedard and Lukas Reichel next year.

Foligno's Experience and Recent Performance

Foligno's NHL journey spans over 1,000 games. His recent performance is worth noting too, having finished off the last season with a commendable 26 points.

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