Nylander's Future In Toronto Could Be Decided Tomorrow

James Connelly
June 27, 2023  (10:23)

William Nylander is not close to a contract extension with the Leafs which could see them ship him off for future assets come draft day.

Leafs Could Move Nylander On Draft Day

With the Leafs future uncertain with no Matthews or Nylander extension, many are starting to speculate on the possibility of the Leafs moving on from William Nylander due to his high contract demands.
On TSN's Overdrive, analyst Dave Poulin joined the show and dropped some major information regarding Nylander.
"I'd go with comps on my own team. I'd keep it really simple. One guy that's a pretty easy comp and that's Mitch Marner. Marner has 2 first-team all-stars. The other guys are not far behind him and the other guy has more goals. If you're Nylander's camp don't you have to start there? Most teams, Nylander's a top-line guy. I think that's a fair asking point for Nylander. You can run it back for one year but in terms of changing, I think they have to change something in that group and this might be the thing that does. Nylander wants to be paid in equivalency to Marner. It's been very quiet but it's got to come to a head at some point" - Dave Poulin
Marner is currently paid a hair under $11 million a year and is elite defensively while also producing 100-point paces on a consistent basis.
William Nylander is not that. With Auston Matthews due for a major payday, we could watch Nylander get traded tomorrow in exchange for a top pick.
A team that could be a good trade partner for the Leafs is the Washington Capitals.
Washington wants to remain competitive while Alex Ovechkin is around and Nylander would give them an elite player who could dish out passes to Ovi.
They currently hold the 8th pick and are rumored to be willing to ship Tom Wilson for the right cost. Could they be the fit that is willing to pay Nylander what he thinks he is worth?