Fans Turn On Evander Kane Over Gambling Problems After Recent Events

Published October 27, 2023 at 11:08

The NHL had its first major gambling incident with a player. After the announcement of the punishment, fans have since turned on Evander Kane due to his past.

Pinto Suspended For Betting

Yesterday it was announced that Shane Pinto is going to be suspended 41 games for illegal sports betting.

The NHL announced today that it has suspended Shane Pinto for 41 games for activities relating to sports wagering.

Pinto had yet to play a game this season as he was a restricted free agent. This is the first suspension by the NHL for sports gambling but not the first occurrence of it. One prominent NHLer publicly has struggled with gambling in the past.

Fans Turn On Kane For Double Standard

After the announcement of the suspension of Shane Pinto, many people were confused. In the past Evander Kane had admitted to making 50 bets a day with illegal bookmakers. This has led to a ton of speculation by NHL fans as to why Kane or any other player has not been suspended in the past.

Honest question: if Shane Pinto did not bet on NHL games, why has he been suspended?

Are we to believe no other NHL player has ever placed a non-NHL bet? Some are well known gamblers, such as Evander Kane - no suspensions for him.

So what triggers this for Pinto?

When Evander Kane heard Pinto was suspended for 41 games for gambling he replied, "I bet he learns his lesson and never gets caught again."

Media: You don't think he'll ever gamble again?

EK: Like I said, I bet he learns his lesson & never gets caught, again. I got 10-1 odds.

how is it possible that Evander Kane has never been suspended for gambling but Pinto gets 41 games? The NHL has to be more clear on this one.

While Kane is not likely to face any punishment at this point some clarification from the NHL would be nice. As of now very little is even known about exactly what Pinto was betting on. In the coming days and weeks, we will all wait to hear more details as they become available.

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Fans Turn On Evander Kane Over Gambling Problems After Recent Events

Will another player be suspended for sports betting this season?

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