Ducks Reveal Unusual Plan for Top Prospect's Development

Published October 27, 2023 at 10:33

Just two weeks into the NHL season, a team is already strategizing on how to optimize the performance of one of their standout prospects.

Ducks Unveil Strategy for Carlsson


Frank Seravalli from Daily Faceoff has shed light on the Ducks' plan to monitor Leo Carlsson's workload during, at the very least, the first half of the season.

"Going to be interesting to monitor No. 2 overall pick Leo Carlsson's "development and strength plan" w/ #NHLDucks.

It's different. The plan calls for training and load management for the first half of the season to make sure the 18 y/o can withstand the rigors of the #NHL and set him up for a 20-year career," Seravalli said.

He added, "Hence, why you won't see Carlsson face off against No. 3 overall pick Adam Fantilli in Columbus tonight."

Carlsson will have scheduled games off as they make their way through the first few months. No set schedule yet. But he will still play in the majority of #NHLDucks games this season."

Prospect Development: A Long-Term Vision


Notably, Carlsson was absent from Tuesday's face-off against the Blue Jackets.

The Ducks' strategy centers on a protective stance towards Carlsson during his initial NHL months, ensuring his best potential is realized and he has a long career in the League.

While the team's caution in handling Carlsson's progress is evident, it's also clear that real-time experience on the ice offers invaluable learning.

However, Anaheim offers a contrasting perspective. Considering the extensive game time the 18-year-old clocked in the previous year, including the World Junior and World Championship, their approach is somewhat justifiable.

Do you believe in the Ducks' strategy?

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Ducks Reveal Unusual Plan for Top Prospect's Development

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