Connor McDavid Shares Brilliant Idea to Fix Major Issue in the NHL

Published June 21, 2023 at 11:26
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McDavid's Opinion

Without a doubt, Connor McDavid is highly respected among NHL players. His extraordinary skills make him a role model for others in the League.

Recently, he shared his solution to a persistent problem in the game.

McDavid's Idea to Solve Delay of Game Issues

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His idea is simple yet effective: change the shape of the glass around the rink to resemble a bowl. According to him, this would prevent the puck from leaving the playing area and reduce game interruptions.

"The glass folding in at the top, keep the pucks in, like a little bit of a bowl."


Honestly, it's a great idea. This modification could result in fewer penalties and smoother gameplay.

The "delay of game" penalties have been a source of frustration for many players. These penalties are often the result of unintentional mistakes rather than deliberate misconduct. The original rule was meant to discourage players from intentionally shooting the puck into the stands. However, accidental incidents shouldn't lead to such harsh consequences.

Do you think Bettman will listen to McDavid?

As seen on Hockey Patrol - McDavid Has a Clever Idea that Might Just Solve the Delay of Game Issue
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