Calgary Flames Have Made A Decision On Milan Lucic Future

Elliot Ben Jacob
June 21, 2023  (9:04)

Calgary Flames to Withhold Contract Extension for Milan Lucic

A series of online reports confirm that the Calgary Flames have decided not to offer a contract extension to Milan Lucic, their seasoned forward. Consequently, for the first time in 6-7 years, Lucic will become an unrestricted free agent.

Lucic Free to Engage with Other Teams

Insider Rick Dhaliwal from Vancouver Canucks reports that the Flames have given Lucic the green light to initiate meetings with other franchises. This comes ahead of the free agency opening, scheduled for July 1st.

Potential Interest from Canucks

Being a native of Vancouver and having strong connections with the city, which saw him lift the Stanley Cup in 2011, Lucic might just pique the interest of the Canucks. Dhaliwal reveals that the Canucks have expressed a certain level of interest in this local player.

Canucks' Financial Moves and Lucic's Possible Role

With the Canucks freeing up $6 million by buying out Oliver Ekman-Larsson's contract, they are seemingly scanning the free agent market to add more depth to their lineup. Lucic's addition on a low-cost, short-term deal could prove advantageous, though how he'd integrate remains uncertain.

Lucic's Current Status and Possible Contribution

Despite his past reputation, Lucic isn't the formidable player he was a few seasons back. His offensive touch has dwindled, and he's slower than ever, struggling to maintain even a 4th line pace.
However, if he manages to revive his career, his physicality and intimidating presence could enhance the Canucks' identity, particularly their performance in the Pacific Division.
Moreover, Lucic could provide necessary protection to emerging superstar Elias Pettersson, who has often been a target of the Canucks' rivals.

The Importance of Financial Considerations

Everything boils down to the financial aspect. If Lucic doesn't agree to a near-league minimum for a one or two-year deal, his chances with the Canucks, and possibly other NHL teams, seem slim.
Nevertheless, the league benefits from the inclusion of enforcers like Lucic. Hopefully he secures a deal somewhere in next year's league.