Insider Reveals Ryan O'Reilly's Contract Demands

Published June 21, 2023 at 11:12
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Free Agents Issues in Toronto

Recent reports revealed a difficult situation for the Toronto Maple Leafs regarding their free agents. Brad Treliving is facing a tough challenge due to the limited amount of money they can spend on re-signing their free agents. This means that unfortunately, the Leafs may lose some important players.

It's currently uncertain who will stay and who will have to leave, but it seems increasingly unlikely that Ryan O'Reilly will remain on the Leafs' roster next year.

O'Reilly's Contract Demands

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Frank Seravalli, on Daily Faceoff, mentioned that O'Reilly's contract demands might be too high for Toronto. The rumors suggest that he is seeking a contract of 3-4 years, with an average yearly value between $6-7 million.

Seravalli also proposed that O'Reilly might consider a deal worth $5-5.5 million. However, even this amount could be challenging for the Leafs, given their financial limitations.

On the other hand, Pierre LeBrun reported that Treliving hasn't given up yet. He has reportedly contacted O'Reilly to express his desire to have him on the team next year.

Do you think O'Reilly will accept a lower salary to remain in Toronto?

As seen on Hockey Patrol - O'Reilly Contract Demands are Revealed
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