Connor McDavid Makes a Huge Revelation About his Career Plans

Published August 24, 2023 at 1:58 PM

McDavid Speaks Out

There's still three years left on Connor McDavid's contract. Yes, it's a while away, but that hasn't stopped the hockey world from starting to talk about his next contract. The man himself shed some light on the situation in a fresh interview.


For those who missed it, the Oilers' star player spilled the beans on his heartfelt connection with Edmonton:

"I love playing in Edmonton, and I truly feel at home there. Lauren also enjoys being in Edmonton. Many aspects align for us in Edmonton. We are very comfortable there. However, that being said, it's three years down the road. We need to assess where our lives are at and proceed from there.

I don't say this to raise eyebrows or cause panic. It's just the reality. But I genuinely love playing in Edmonton, and I am fully committed to winning here with this group...

And we're going to see it through."

McDavid's at Crossroads

Any NHL team would jump at the chance to have McDavid on their roster. But the decision rests solely in his hands. When it comes time to ink the deal, he's the one with the power.

Will he stick with the Oilers, the team won the lotery back in 2015? Or will he seek new horizons for his career?

The truth is that not every team will have the luxury to bring him on board. His skills come with a hefty price tag. Even in three years, when the salary cap is predicted to rise, dishing out $15M for a single player like McDavid might be a stretch for many.

Let's hope this doesn't become a distraction for the Oilers.


As seen on Hockey Patrol - McDavid Breaks Silence on His Edmonton Future, Worrying Oilers Fans.
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Connor McDavid Makes a Huge Revelation About his Career Plans

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