Fans are Angry at the Red Wings for Another Pride Controversy

Published June 12, 2023 at 1:52 PM
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It's Pride Month again, and people are talking about NHL teams, Pride Nights, and players choosing not to wear Pride Night jerseys. These discussions were not as common recently, but now they are in the spotlight again because of Pride Month.

Red Wings a No-Show for Pride

The Detroit Red Wings did not attend the Motor City Pride event, which is the biggest Pride festival in Michigan. This caused a lot of talk on social media because the city's other professional sports teams, like the Detroit Lions and Detroit Pistons, were there. It's not clear why the Red Wings didn't participate this year.

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Red Wings' Silence on Pride Month

The Red Wings did not talk about Pride Month on social media, which has added to the controversy. Some fans think it's not the team's job to support marginalized communities like LGBTQ+ people, but others believe that the team's silence shows they don't support these groups.

We don't know if the Red Wings chose not to go to the event or if they just forgot, and people are speculating about it.

As reported on Markerzone - Fans Furious With the Red Wings for Stance on Pride
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