Former First Round Pick is leaving the NHL and headed to Europe

Published June 12, 2023 at 11:24
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Puljujarvi Hasn't Lived up to His Potential

Let's go back to the previous trade deadline. Many fans were hopeful when Jesse Puljujarvi, who used to play for the Edmonton Oilers, left the team. He hadn't been performing well and struggled to shine among the talented players in Edmonton. It was clear that he was unhappy there.

When he joined the Carolina Hurricanes, people had high expectations that he would find his rhythm. Unfortunately, that never happened.

Puljujarvi showed a lot of promise during his junior days. However, his recent performances have been disappointing compared to what he could achieve. This has been frustrating for many fans.

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As July 1st approaches, people in the hockey world are wondering about Puljujarvi's future. There are hints from a reliable source that the Hurricanes may not offer him a contract.

Puljujarvi's Done with the NHL?

There is growing speculation that if no other NHL team shows interest, Puljujarvi might say goodbye to the NHL this summer.

Frank Seravalli commented:

"Jesse Puljujarvi is unlikely to receive a qualifying offer from the Hurricanes, and will likely become an unrestricted free agent.

There is belief Puljujarvi's time in the NHL is done, and he will begin searching for opportunities in Finland, or the KHL."

Do you think Puljujarvi will play in Europe next season?

As seen on Markerzone - Puljujarvi Reportedly Close to Leaving the NHL for Good
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