Chicago Blackhawks rookie forward Connor Bedard
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BREAKING: Massive Update on Connor Bedard's Injury Progress

Published February 12, 2024 at 4:13 PM
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The Chicago Blackhawks have been without Connor Bedard for the last month due to a fractured jaw and are currently sitting 32nd place in the NHL, counting for last. Things may improve as we finally have an update on the Canadian phenom.

Bedard set to return next week

It was reported via the NHL that the first overall pick in 2023 is planned to return to action as early as next week.

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«We're hoping after that six-week mark (after surgery), so that will be a week from today, I guess.

I think they just thought everything was on course, so I think maybe later in the week or early next week is probably when they're targeting for hopefully the last one,» he said. «They just said it was useless to take another image with radiation. Everything was on pace and looks to be on the same timeline that they thought.»

Bedard's absence has been missed for the Chicago Blackhawks and the NHL as a whole. We cannot wait to see the young Canadian phenom back at it again.

More details to come.
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BREAKING: Massive Update on Connor Bedard's Injury Progress

Who will finish last in the NHL?

Chicago21542.8 %
San Jose19939.6 %
Other8817.5 %
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