Ryan Reaves skating during a game with the Toronto Maple Leafs.
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BREAKING: Ryan Reaves Shares His Thoughts on Morgan Rielly's Crosscheck

Published February 12, 2024 at 1:27 PM
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Ryan Reaves has been leading the role of the Leafs tough guy, and he has now shared his thoughts on the rough stuff that happened at the end of the Leafs versus Senators game.

Reaves Shares His Opinion on Rielly's Response to Empty Net Slapshot

Morgan Rielly's response to Ridly Greig's empty net slapshot goal has been the topic of heated debate online, as Rielly is slated to be suspended for an unknown number of games. the crux of the argument centers around whether or not Grieg broke the 'code' of the NHL, and if Rielly's response was too over the top.

Now, Leafs enforcer Ryan Reaves has shared his opinion on Rielly's response.

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Ryan Reaves, on the Ridly Greig empty-net slapshot: "If you rewind to when I came into the league he's probably still laying on the ice. I thought (Morgan Rielly's response) was appropriate. I don't see how a kid that young thinks it's appropriate to do something like that."

We are still waiting to see what the Department of Player Safety decides will be the punishment for Rielly, however, the in-person hearing suggests it could be over 5 games.

We will see what the discussion turns too if Rielly is given more than 5 for his actions.
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BREAKING: Ryan Reaves Shares His Thoughts on Morgan Rielly's Crosscheck

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