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Don Cherry Shares His Opinion On Morgan Rielly's Crosscheck

Published February 12, 2024 at 10:10
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After Morgan Rielly's heated moment at the end of the Leafs versus Senators game on Saturday, Don Cherry has weighed in with his opinion on the incident.

Don Cherry Reveals What He Thinks About Rielly's Crosscheck Against Grieg

Morgan Rielly is one of the most passionate Toronto Maple Leafs, being one of the longest-tenured Leafs on the team. His emotions may have gotten the best of him, though, on Saturday after he took exception to Ridley Grieg's slapshot into the open net at the end of the game. Rielly responded with a crosscheck that caught Grieg high.

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Now, Don Cherry, a noted fan of the 'code' in the NHL, has weighed in on the incident and Rielly's response.

"I'm glad Rielly was on and I'm glad he did it," admitted Cherry. "I know there's no rule in the book that says 'Don't do that' but you just don't do that."

"It was a spur of the moment thing that did," said Cherry. "I think he meant to get him on the shoulder but he got him on the back of the neck."

This isn't a surprising take from Cherry, as many fans expected for him to be in support of Rielly taking exception to the play.

Rielly Facing In-Person Hearing For His Actions Which Has Fans Upset Over Inconsistencies with Player Safety

The reaction from Rielly was surely going to bring some supplemental punishment, being at the end of the game and after Grieg scored a goal. However, fans are upset as Rielly was offered an in-person hearing for his actions, which usually means the punishment will be over 5 games. After the lack of long suspensions in response to direct hits to the head, fans are furious and believe that the Department of Player Safety is taking it out on the Leafs unfairly.

We will see how many games Rielly receives when DoPS does announce his suspension.

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Don Cherry Shares His Opinion On Morgan Rielly's Crosscheck

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