Major Revelation Concerning Jonathan Toews' Future

Published July 10, 2023 at 11:07
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A New Era in Chicago

Connor Bedard, the first overall pick in the recent draft, might be the answer the Chicago Blackhawks were hoping for. This generational talent joins the team just as they cope with the departure of two superstars.

The Blackhawks went through major changes to their roster last season. Patrick Kane was traded to the New York Rangers, and Jonathan Toews saw his contract with Chicago end on July 1st.

It was suggested that only one of these veterans would sign a new contract this off-season.

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Legend Retires?

Jonathan Toews seems to be nearing the end of his hockey career.

Age is catching up to him, health issues persist, and with the Blackhawks' management not interested in extending his contract, it's difficult to ignore the signs.

If Toews wants to retire as a true Blackhawks player, now is the time.


Mark Spector from Sportsnet shared some surprising informations:

"Word is Toews won't play next season. When his agency sent out its list of pending free agents, we were told his name was not even on the list."

This practically confirms Toews' retirement. If a player isn't on the list of free agents and doesn't have a contract, there's only one possibility: they're retiring.

Do you think Toews' career is over?

As seen on Markerzone - Blackhawks Legend Will Not Sign a New Contract This Summer
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