Insider provides a worrying update on Auston Matthews contract extension

Published July 10, 2023 at 9:42
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New Update on Matthews and Nylander

Brad Treliving has an important task of finalizing new contracts for two of his best players: Auston Matthew and William Nylander.

We know that Nylander's discussions have faced some obstacles, as he is reportedly asking for $2 million more than what the Leafs are willing to pay.

The insider David Pagnotta shared new informations about Matthews' negotiations, and unfortunately, it's not the news fans were hoping for.

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Issue with Matthews' Extension

David Pagnotta, a reporter from The Fourth Period, has revealed some important details about Matthews' contract discussions.

According to Pagnotta, it's unlikely that Matthews will sign a new contract before Nylander does.


"I would be surprised if Matthews puts pen to paper before Nylander does, at least any time soon... It'll be a five-year deal max for Matthews somewhere in the $13M to $14M range, but I would be very surprised if he locks in before Nylander."

This means that if the negotiations with Nylander don't go well, it could delay Matthews' contract signing even further.

However, the situation might change if Treliving realizes that reaching an agreement with Nylander might not be possible.

Do you trust Treliving to be able to re-sign Matthews and Nylander before next season starts?

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Insider Makes Worrying Statement Concerning Matthews' Extension Negotiations
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