Connor Bedard Reacts to Habs Fans Booing Him All Night

Published October 15, 2023 at 12:02

Montreal Fans Greet Bedard in His Canadian Debut


Yesterday marked Connor Bedard's inaugural NHL game on Canadian soil when he stepped onto the ice at the Bell Centre to challenge the Montreal Canadiens.

While the Habs successfully kept him from scoring, Bedard did contribute with an assist.

Throughout the game, he showcased glimpses of his exceptional talent, executing mesmerizing plays, although the relentless Montreal defense kept a close watch on him.

Montreal fans ensured that Bedard felt their presence, showering him with boos every time he got ahold of the puck.

Bedard's Take on the Montreal Crowd's Reception


Following the game, the young star shared his feelings about the vocal reactions of Canadiens' fans.

"Connor Bedard on being booed: 'No, I loved it. It was great. I didn't really think about it before the game, but I thought it was awesome.'

From Bedard's response, it's clear that the unexpected boos didn't faze him but rather charged him up!

This positive approach will undoubtedly serve him well, as NHL arenas are known for their passionate fans. With such a resilient mindset, Bedard is poised for an amazin NHL career.

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Connor Bedard Reacts to Habs Fans Booing Him All Night

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