William Nylander Explains Why he Smashed his Stick on the Bench

Published October 15, 2023 at 11:50

The Toronto Maple Leafs kicked off the NHL season on a high note with a pair of victories. But the journey wasn't entirely smooth, especially for William Nylander in their recent game, even if he sored two goals and one assist.


Nylander's Moment of Intense Frustration

Following a missed scoring opportunity, William Nylander couldn't hide his disappointment. In the heat of the moment, he aggressively slammed his stick against the boards, causing it to partially break. Upon returning to the bench, Nylander finished the job, snapping his stick completely.

While Nylander's frustration was evident, fans were initially uncertain about why he felt that way.

Not used to seeing Willy Nylander pissed off like that. I'm for it.

Despite his outburst, the Leafs were leading, and Nylander was performing impressively. In his post-game comments, Nylander shed light on what exactly pushed him over the edge.

Nylander Shares The Reason Behind His Outburst

During the post-game interview, William Nylander explained the reason for his frustration.

Nylander says he slammed his stick out of frustration over not burying two breakaway chances

At that stage of the game, the score was still tight, and those missed opportunities might have been pivotal. Fortunately for Nylander and the Leafs, they managed to take control and clinched a decisive victory over the Wild.

Nylander's brief lapses didn't affect the team, but it's commendable to witness such passion and competitiveness in a player. Every NHL player sets a high bar for themselves, and feelings of disappointment are natural when they fall short.

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William Nylander Explains Why he Smashed his Stick on the Bench

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