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BREAKING: Islanders have Traded their Star Winger

Published June 29, 2023 at 11:06

A New Chapter for Josh Bailey

In a recent development, Josh Bailey, a veteran who has played over 1000 games for the Islanders, has been traded. The decision to trade Bailey signifies the end of a significant era for the Islanders, as Bailey's tenure was a major part of the team's history.

Details of the Bailey Trade

The trade deal was formally announced with the Islanders sending Josh Bailey along with a 2026 2nd round pick to the Chicago Blackhawks.

In return, the Islanders are set to receive future considerations. The trade deal marks a new direction for both the Islanders and Bailey.

Performance Summary of Bailey

Josh Bailey has been an influential figure in the Islanders' success. However, his recent performance saw him tally 25 points in 64 games, which may have contributed to the Islanders' tough decision.


His departure from the Islanders, however, is definitely shocking, marking the end of his long tenure with the New York team.

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BREAKING: Islanders have Traded their Star Winger

Will Bailey fit well with the Blackhawks?

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