Ex-Hockey Player Files Lawsuit Against Hockey Canada Over Career-Halting Injury

Published June 29, 2023 at 9:29
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The Fateful Hockey Incident

The sport of hockey is known for its speed and unpredictability, where lives can transform in a split second. This was tragically the scenario for one unfortunate player.

Isaac Dixon, a player for the Grand Falls Rapids in the MHL, was catapulted into a grim reality in 2020. Following a crash into the boards during a game, Dixon sustained a fractured vertebra, a catastrophic event that drastically altered his life.

The Unfortunate Injury and its Aftermath

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Dixon's injury had dire consequences, forcing him to cease playing hockey. In response to this, he decided to take legal action, launching a lawsuit against Hockey Canada and his associated teams.

The Lawsuit Initiation

The nature and circumstances of Dixon's injury are elucidated in court documents filed at the Court of King's Bench in Saint John.

According to Dixon, he was struck by Blizzard's defenseman Jeremy Duguay after passing the puck to a teammate. Duguay allegedly rammed his elbow into Dixon's chest and kneed the back of his leg, throwing him off balance.


Dixon asserts that Duguay continued to force him into the boards backwards using a cross check motion.

The impact resulted in severe back pain and paralysis in Dixon's legs.

Defendants in the Lawsuit

The lawsuit names seven defendants, including Dixon's own team, the Grand Falls Rapids, the Edmundston Blizzard, and Jeremy Duguay. The MHL and the Canadian Junior Hockey League are also implicated for their alleged negligence in ensuring safety rules were both established and adhered to by the teams.

The AIG Insurance Company of Canada is another party named in the lawsuit.

The allegations contained in the lawsuit are yet to be heard and tested in a court of law.

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