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Leafs Eyeing Two of the NHL's Top Enforcers

Published June 28, 2023 at 5:37 PM

Brad Treliving's First Off-Season as Maple Leafs' General Manager

The entire fan base of the Toronto Maple Leafs is keenly observing Brad Treliving in his inaugural off-season stint as the General Manager.

Potential Leafs Enforcers: From Lucic to Other Options

Originally, the Leafs had set their sights on Milan Lucic. However, with the news of Lucic's return to the Bruins, they have now turned their attention to two other possible enforcers.

Elliotte Friedman stated in the Jeff Marek Show:

I think they're [TOR] gonna add some beef down the line. I wouldn't be surprised and I'm not necessarily saying it's gonna be these guys but like I wonder about like an Austin Watson or I wonder about a Ryan Reaves. That's what a couple of people have said to me. They think the Leafs are gonna try to make their bottom-six a little heavier.

Learning from Past Matchups: The Impact of Physical Dominance

In their second-round matchup, the Florida Panthers, managed to physically overpower the Leafs. This seems to have prompted Treliving to attempt to remedy this problem by adding some more players who aren't afraid to play rough.

Looking at Reaves and Watson: A Boost to the Bottom-Six

Ryan Reaves and Austin Watson could potentially provide the much-needed toughness to the Leafs' bottom-six, something that the Leafs have been sorely lacking in recently.

Renowned as quite possibly the toughest player in the league, Reaves boasts over 800 games in the NHL, during which he has amassed a grand total of 1,023 PIMs.

Austin Watson, who isn't hesitant about taking penalties, accumulated a whopping 123PIMs last season with the Ottawa Senators.


These two players could serve as on-ice intimidators, offering much-needed protection for the Leafs' core four.

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Leafs Eyeing Two of the NHL's Top Enforcers

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