Brad Treliving Explains the Reason why Sheldon Keefe will be Back as HC

Published June 28, 2023 at 1:52 PM
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Unraveling Brad Treliving's Decision to Retain Sheldon Keefe

The hockey world was thrown a curveball when Brad Treliving announced his decision to retain Sheldon Keefe, the Leafs Head Coach, despite his apparent lack of success in the NHL postseason.

Many fans were left scratching their heads at this move. However, Treliving has finally provided some insights into his decision-making process.


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The Mystery Behind Keefe's Retention

Sheldon Keefe, a coach who has not quite hit his stride in the postseason with the Leafs, managed to retain his position, which was a surprising move for many.

Unlike other top-tier coaches, Keefe seemed unable to fine-tune his strategies to compete at playoff level.

The belief among many was that Keefe's tenure in Toronto was on borrowed time once Treliving stepped into the leadership role. However, it appears that Treliving's meticulousness and strategic thought process may have thrown Keefe a lifeline.

In discussing Keefe, Treliving stated,

"He has a bright mind. I think he's open to change. I think he is strong in his beliefs, but he also doesn't think he has all the answers. He has worked with Kyle a long time, but sometimes a little bit of new, a little bit of fresh can help."

A Unique Approach by Treliving

In stark contrast to many general managers who would enter a new organization and immediately undertake a total restructuring, Treliving chose a different path.

He recognized that, despite postseason failures, the Leafs have achieved a significant amount of regular-season success.

Through forging a connection with Keefe and understanding his coaching approach better, Treliving saw the value in keeping him around.

Given the scarcity of strong alternatives in the coaching market, this decision is now more justifiable.

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