Tony DeAngelo Delivers Blow to Former Coach John Tortorella

Published July 25, 2023 at 3:57 PM
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Tony DeAngelo has had a rocky few years, from being traded last season from Carolina to Philidelphia, to being bought out of that contract.

DeAngelo Opens Up

After signing back in Carolina for a fraction of his contract with Philidelphia, DeAngelo had this to say about the whole ordeal:

"The coach and I wound up not fitting together, I guess that would be the main reason."

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DeAngelo's Troubles

When DeAngelo was traded to Philly, it was rumoured that his time there would be short. Head coach John Tortorella is well known for his old-school mentality and for asking his players to perform at all ends of the ice. On the other hand, DeAngelo is known for having defensive troubles and being an issue off the ice.

This could explain DeAngelo's slow season last year, netting only 42 points in 70 games with the Flyers. However, he is hopeful for a clean reset back in Carolina, where he has felt embraced by the organization and its fans.

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