Calgary Flames Players Rally Behind Kadri Against Darryl Sutter

Published March 21, 2023 at 8:16 PM
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A few days ago, Elliotte Friedman shared a rather unusual report of a player openly opposing their coach. Friedman revealed that Nazem Kadri, the star forward for the Flames, has attributed the team's poor performance to their head coach, Darryl Sutter. Further reports suggest that multiple Flames players will request trades if Sutter remains head coach next season.

Players Have Had Enough of Sutter

Sutter has a background as a farmhand who worked his way up to becoming an NHL coach. However, his antics and antiquated coaching approach have worn thin on the Flames. His conservative, low-event defensive playstyle, excessive demands during practice and other incidents, such as deliberately misremembering Jakob Pelletier, have caused his popularity to plummet.

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Dean Molberg from The Nation Network reports that Kadri is not the only player expressing frustration with Sutter. Several other Flames players have also threatened to request trades if Sutter continues coaching next season.

The Flames have had a dismal performance this season, which also marks the final year of GM Brad Treliving's contract. Some fans think that Sutter's influence could lead to a complete overhaul of the Flames front office. These reports about Sutter bring to mind the time Johnny Gaudreau and Matthew Tkachuk voluntarily left the Flames, possibly due to their issues with Sutter. It appears the entire front office may be replaced for next season, which could help the Flames bounce back from their current predicament.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Calgary Flames Players Join Nazem Kadri in Coup Against Darryl Sutter
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