Connor Bedard's Mom Puts Out a Desperate Plea to Fans

Published March 21, 2023 at 5:44 PM
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When discussing the exceptional talent of 17-year-old hockey prodigy Connor Bedard, the conversation typically centers on his impressive on-ice performance. As a record-breaking player expected to be the top pick in the 2023 NHL Entry Draft, his popularity has surged.

However, Connor's mother, Melanie Bedard, has recently taken to social media to express her concerns about their family's safety.

Bedard Family Feels Threatened by Fans

In a recent interview, Melanie Bedard shared the challenges the family has faced due to the growing attention surrounding Connor's rise to fame.

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"There are very often people surrounding our house and waiting outside, then they photograph us as soon as we step outside. One day, someone even came through the back of our property, accessed the yard, and started screaming for Connor. And I would say that all this happens more frequently since the last Junior World Championship."

"Recently, I had to turn off my cell phone for about ten days because I was receiving too many messages. It was uncontrollable! I've never been used to that, you know? And it's now almost impossible to go to the grocery store or the mall with Connor without being recognized."

- Melanie Bedard

While being an avid fan is understandable, invading a player's home and violating their privacy crosses a significant boundary. It's important to remember that Connor is still a minor, and the privacy of both him and his family should be respected at all times.

As reported by Hockey Feed - Melanie Bedard makes a statement after unsettling incidents at their home
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