Former NHL Star Suspended after Punching a Downed Player

Published March 21, 2023 at 7:20 PM

After five seasons with the Leafs, Leo Kovarov spent three years of his NHL career on Long Island as part of the Islanders, before transitioning to the KHL last season and switching to the SHL this season. Kovarov's playing style stands out from most players, as he has a more aggressive edge and isn't hesitant to throw punches.

Kovarov lets loose on a downed opponent

During an SHL playoff game earlier today, Kovarov found himself in the midst of a heated scrum near the end of the second period. Despite being restrained in a headlock, he managed to deliver a significant number of punches to an already downed opponent before being removed from the scrum.

The SHL issued a two-game suspension to Kovarov for his continuous punches. This type of suspension is not commonly seen in the NHL, where players often face minimal repercussions for hitting an opponent in the ribs with gloved hands.

Although Kovarov is well-liked off the ice, it raises questions about what triggered such a reaction against someone who was already on the ground. Ultimately, his actions did not benefit the team, which suffered a 7-2 loss and now trails 2-1 in the playoffs.

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Former NHL Star Suspended after Punching a Downed Player

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